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September 1, 2017

In the OVMP
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The Office for Veterans and Military Personnel
Enrollment Certification Reminder
Request forms for GI Bill Enrollment Certification need to be submitted each semester you want to use your GI Bill benefits. Remember to submit your request form to our office after you have scheduled your classes to avoid a delay in your benefits.
Please notify us of any schedule adjustments or if you get enrolled in a waitlisted class after your form has been submitted so we can notify the VA of the changes in your enrollment.
Important enrollment information for GI Bill benefits:
You must be enrolled full time throughout the entire semester to be paid full time benefits. For example - 9 credits from 08/21/17 to 12/17/17 and 3 credits from 08/21/17 to 10/15/17 would pay you full time benefits for the first 8 weeks of the term. After 10/15/17 you would be enrolled 3/4 time.
Post 9/11 recipients must register for at least one class that meets on campus as part of their full time enrollment (other courses may be online) to receive the full BAH they are eligible for.

Tutoring Now Available at the OVMP
Come get some math help at the Office for Veterans & Military Personnel!
FREE Tutoring for Veterans in subjects including:
• Arithmetic
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Trigonometry
• Pre-Calculus
• Calculus I & II
To set up a time please contact our office .

New to the OVMP
Welcome Joshua Jones to the OVMP
Joshua Jones joined the OVMP in June 2017 as the Veteran Services Coordinator. As a former Infantryman in the U.S. Army and recent graduate of William Paterson University in Criminology and History, he is able to understand the different needs of veteran students here at IUPUI. Prior to completing his degree, Josh worked three years for his University's Veteran Affairs office. To continue his involvement in a team environment after the military, Josh played division two rugby where he competed in last season´s National Championship in Denver, Colorado. He has a passion for helping fellow veterans not only obtain their educational goals but also be involved in activities around campus as well as in the community. .

Military Withdraw Policy
Upon notification of an upcoming deployment or extended military duty, contact Office for Veteran and Military Personnel immediately. Prior to processing a Military Withdrawal, you will be encouraged to contact your instructors so that you may either continue your course while on military orders or receive an Incomplete so that you might complete your course when you return from military orders
If you are unable to make arrangements and need to withdraw from classes, bring a copy of your orders or a memo from your unit to OVMP to complete a military withdrawal from some or all courses. If you notify OVMP that you are withdrawing due to military orders, or if we process a military withdrawal on your behalf, we will notify the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that there are mitigating circumstances surrounding the reduction or termination of your benefits. Their policy is to stop payment effective the date of your drop or withdrawal, but they do not typically require repayment of benefits already disbursed for that semester. The VA usually restores any entitlement charged for the semester you are unable to complete due to military duty..
Veteran Groups
American Legion Post 360
Did you know IUPUI has an American Legion Post on campus? This post is open to all eligible veterans, including faculty, staff, students and alumni as well as active duty service members and veterans who have no affiliation with the university.
September Meetup
Wednesday, September 13th
Veteran Social Hour from 6pm to 7pm
Legion Meeting from 7pm to 8pm
Hotel Tango 702 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

IUPUI Student Veteran Organization
Veterans@IUPUI was formed to fill the need for an organization meant to fulfill academic, philosophical, social, and political needs of the student veteran and service member population at IUPUI. Our organization aims to maintain a veteran identity within the campus community, promote veteran issues, support other veterans, and assist integration of fellow veterans and service members into the academic environment. The IUPUI Student Veterans are here to promote community leadership and continuous service to our nation's current and former Armed Service Members.
September Meetup
Pitch In - Saturday September 16th from 5pm to 7pm - Bring your family!
Please RSVP to iupui.svo@gmail.com or (812) 344-6277
Trotters Point 3, 2600 Santa Anita Dr, Greenwood, IN 46143
Events Calendar
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
All Veterans Call Out: A gathering for all IUPUI student, staff, and faculty Camo Jags; pizza will be served.
(IUPUI Campus Center, Room 309)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Veteran Social Hour: A monthly gathering of veterans from around Indy.
(Hotel Tango)

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Got Your 6: A meeting to provide student service members and veterans an opportunity to connect with one another.
(Campus Center, Room 266)
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Around Campus
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Regatta Week
You Gotta Regatta
Regatta Week, Sunday, September 17th through Friday, September 22nd, is all about building the hype for race day. Events like Smores & Oars, Tie-Dye Tuesday and Battleships will be hosted around campus with the main event, the Regatta, on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at the Downtown Canal.

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Other Events on Campus
Student Activities Programming Board
The Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) of IUPUI is here to provide you with entertaining, educational, and social campus-wide programming throughout the year. Last year, we were known for our free movie nights, entertainers and speakers, musical programs, and discounted tickets to area events.
General Meetings are held on Wednesday´s at 6 pm in the Campus Center. Come visit us if you're interested in planning IUPUI's best-known events and being a vital part of campus life!
All events are funded through the use of student fees... that's how we can afford to provide low-cost and free entertainment for IUPUI students and their guests! It's your money - take advantage of it!
Around Indy
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Indy Irish Fest
September 14 - 17 at Historic Military Park at White River State Park, Downtown Indianapolis.
Come celebrate all things Irish throughout the upcoming festival.

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Food Truck Fridays
Come sample the best in Indy's mobile dining!
September 1 to September 29 from 11:00am to 2:00pm
250 W. Georgia St., Indianapolis, IN 46225

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