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One of the OVMP’s primary goals is to connect veteran students to services they need, on-campus and off. On this page we have provided you with an overview of some of the vital services here on the IUPUI campus. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the page please feel free to stop by our office we would be happy to assist you.

Army ROTC Program

Army ROTC is a collection of college electives along with a summer training program, which upon receipt of a Bachelor's Degree, earns the cadet a commission in the U.S. Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard.

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Career Services

Preparing for a career is one of the main reasons students attend college. Career Services will help you learn more about yourself and potential careers. By working with a career counselor and an academic advisor, you will be able to develop an educational plan for reaching your career goals.

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Student Veteran Organization (SVO)
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Student Veterans Organization provides information, assistance, and social activities to veterans within the IUPUI community. It will also increase awareness of veterans issues within the IUPUI community as well as promote military service and benefits.

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On-Campus Readjustment Counseling: Indy Vet Center

A counselor from the Indianapolis Vet Center is available on campus in the Office for Veterans & Military Personnel (CE 050) to answer questions about the services they provide and discuss any issues anyone may have in readjusting to civilian life and/or readjusting to being home from a deployment.

Services are free to ALL eligible Veterans and everything is confidential. Although the Indianapolis Vet Center is part of the VHA, they are not part of the VA Medical Center or VA Benefits Office. Their records are exclusive to the Vet Center and nothing is released without your consent. Further, the Department of Defense has no access to Indianapolis Vet Center records, which is important to individuals currently serving in National Guard or Reserve units.

To schedule an appointment, please call Terry at 317-988-1607.

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Passport Office

Passport is a coordinated program between Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana and Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Passport strives to increase course and degree articulations between institutions, assists IUPUI students who wants to take a course at Ivy Tech and promotes student life programs.

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Bepko Learning Center

The mission of the Bepko Learning Center is to enhance the opportunities for undergraduate students to achieve educational goals and to assist in their development of academic skills through the guidance of more experienced, highly successful student peers. Collaborative learning, role modeling, peer interaction and peer support play key parts in this process. To assist students in realizing their full academic potential, the Bepko Learning Center houses three offices: the Office of Academic Mentoring, the Office of Tutorial Support and the Office of Academic Enrichment.

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Adaptive Educational Services (AES)
A ES coordinates support services and academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities. AES ensures students with documented disabilities have equal opportunities to pursue a college education, while also ensuring a high level of academic integrity is maintained. AES understands students with disabilities face unique challenges in college and our services are designed to maximize potential and minimize disability.
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Office of Student Scholarships
The Scholarship Central Website is your comprehensive, online guide for scholarship opportunities. This website is your online resource for scholarship applications and information on IUPUI scholarships, including departmental, school-based scholarships, as well as the general campus-wide scholarships.

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The Office for Veterans and Military Personnel (OVMP) is a centralized office designed to provide comprehensive resources to veterans and Veterans Affairs benefit recipients to aid in their overall success as IUPUI students. In addition to providing the required certification for IUPUI student-veterans to receive education entitlement, we also provide advice, guidance, advocacy, and outreach services for our student veteran population. We act as a liaison between IUPUI and the Department of Veterans Affairs while assisting our student veterans in their transition from military to student life. Our team consists of veterans and civilians dedicated to creating a veteran friendly campus.

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