Maximize your academic outlets

It is absolutely vital to take advantage of all the academic outlets IUPUI and the city of Indianapolis offers you. Get familiar with your environment and engage in at least one of these opportunities. Nothing is more important than achieving your academic goals and integrating yourself, and these resources can be the difference.  

As a student veteran obtaining a degree, it can be very difficult at times. The OVMP and the staff provided me with the incredible support and the space to be myself, surrounded by people with shared experiences.


OVMP math tutoring

Math can be pretty intimidating, especially if you're jumping back into school after being out for a couple of years. That's why the OVMP has math tutors available for you to utilize. Come on in and get the help you need - we also play chess if you feel like losing after your studies. Contact us to learn more! 

Success coaching at The OVMP

We offer student success coaching in order to help veterans and service members with anything going on in their lives. This does not have to be academically related. We are here to help you accomplish anything that might be a challenge for you. Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting with our coaches. Request a success coach!